Know all your dues!

Record your shared expenses, split them easily, keep a track of all your dues and share them with your buddies. It’s as simple as chatting!

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    Today’s world is extremely social and we all love hanging out with our friends for movies, eat-outs, holidays and a lot more. Get-togethers are so much fun, but managing the shared expenses isn’t! Keeping a track of the expenses and calculating ‘who owes how much to whom’ is a pain.

    Writing behind notepads, splitting on calculators and using spreadsheets have now become a passé! With KnoDues, this tiresome task becomes as easy as chatting with friends!

    Watch this video to see how KnoDues made Neil’s life easier!

Add & Share Expenses

  • Add shared expenses paid for your friends with ease. All you need is their mobile numbers
  • Split the expense with one or more of your friends, evenly or unevenly
  • Select the category of expense like food / movie / outing etc. or add a comment
  • Instant updates are automatically sent to your friends

Create Event & Get Event Summary

  • Create an Event to add all expenses for the same category like vacation or shared apartment
  • Add your friends to the event, so that even they can share their expenses for the event
  • Get automatic ‘Event Summary’ showing who owes how much to whom in total for the event
  • Balances from event summary automatically get transferred to individual balances of your friends

Track, Remind & Inform

  • Track your shared expenses with each of your friends
  • Know all your dues at any point in time
  • Remind friends for their dues with just a click
  • Inform your friends as to when you would clear your dues, in an instant

Why KnoDues

The app makes your life easy and here’s how!

What KnoDues Does

Allows you to add shared expenses for friends directly through mobile numbers

Gives access to you and your friends to a common shared screen where all dues can be seen and new expenses can be added from either ends


Facilitates you to handle multiple group expenses of an activity such as a trip or a day-out with ease

Why KnoDues Does It

Coz we usually don’t remember Email IDs of our friends

Coz it helps avoid any confusion

Coz activities with friends is always fun, but tracking their dues isn’t

Who We Are

SAKET BAGDA (Co-Founder)

SAHIL SETHI (Co-Founder)

    Saket & Sahil are two young, energetic & self-motivated individuals who’ve shared a close friendship over a long period of time. They happened to pursue their graduation degree together from Christ University, Bangalore, where they were also hostel-mates. Saket went on to secure his MBA from IBS Hyderabad, while Sahil earned his MBA from TAPMI, Manipal. Both of them have the experience of bei ng associated with reputed companies. Saket has worked with Ernst & Young (India) in the Risk Advisory practice, while Sahil has work ed with CRISIL in the Credit Ratings division.

    Interestingly, the idea of creating KnoDues germinated in Saket’s mind when both of them shared an apartment while working in Gurgaon. Constant hassles faced while tracking shared expenses for their apartment led to a conviction that this was an actual pain. And so, KnoDues has been built by people who truly understand your problem!


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