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Today’s world is extremely social and we all love hanging out with our friends for movies, eat-outs, holidays and a lot more. Get-togethers are so much fun, but managing the shared expenses isn’t! Keeping a track of the expenses and calculating ‘who owes how much to whom’ is a pain.

Writing behind notepads, splitting on calculators and using spreadsheets have now become a passé! With KnoDues, this tiresome task becomes as easy as chatting with friends!

Watch this video to see how KnoDues made Neil’s life easier!

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KnoDues – Unveiling a Smart Innovation

We’ve built a revolutionary product using path-breaking technology and features that will absolutely blow your mind away! Nah! We’re afraid we might disappoint you in case you were expecting such a product introduction! Our product introduction is going to be very simple & a little more tasteful – just like our product!

What we have done is successfully developed an extremely smart piece of innovation to make life simpler for everyone! Our usage of the word “everyone” has been well thought-out here, because our product has been designed for any person who has friends and loves to hang out with them! So we wouldn’t exactly be wrong to say our product is literally usable by everyone!

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