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We’ve built a revolutionary product using path-breaking technology and features that will absolutely blow your mind away! Nah! We’re afraid we might disappoint you in case you were expecting such a product introduction! Our product introduction is going to be very simple & a little more tasteful – just like our product!

What we have done is successfully developed an extremely smart piece of innovation to make life simpler for everyone! Our usage of the word “everyone” has been well thought-out here, because our product has been designed for any person who has friends and loves to hang out with them! So we wouldn’t exactly be wrong to say our product is literally usable by everyone!

Today’s world is extremely social and we all love hanging out with our friends for movies, eat-outs, holidays and a lot more. Get-togethers with friends are so much fun… But wait a second – how about managing the shared expenses!? Keeping a track of all the expenses and calculating ‘who owes how much to whom’ is absolutely a pain. Methods like writing behind notepads, splitting on calculators and using spreadsheets to keep a track, are seriously tiresome and have become outdated!

Now, hoping that we’ve hit the nail on the right pain point – let us take this opportunity to introduce our flagship mobile app – KnoDues which makes the tiresome & rather disdainful task of managing shared expenses as easy as chatting with friends!

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KnoDues allows you and your friends to keep a track of all your shared expenses on the go. The app automatically syncs contact list of your smart phone and makes it very simple to add shared expenses for friends. Whenever you pay any expense for a friend, all you have to do is add that expense against your friend’s contact name on the app. Your friends will get updated instantly.

Also, the app provides friends access to a common shared screen where all dues can be seen and expenses can be added or edited from either ends. KnoDues keeps a track of all the expenses, and specifies how much you owe to your friends or in case you’re lucky – how much you get from your friends!

KnoDues has an interesting feature called “Events” – users are allowed to create events and add their friends to this event. So next time around when you’re planning that exciting trip with friends, simply create a trip event on KnoDues & add your friends to this event, and then each one can record expenses paid by them. KnoDues would automatically provide an “Event Summary” of who owes how much to whom!

What’s more, is that KnoDues has some really smart features such as Remind & Inform, which allow you to send reminders to friends for outstanding dues or inform friends as to when you would pay them the outstanding amount! The app makes it extremely convenient to avoid awkward money related situations with friends and also eliminate any kind of confusion & mistrust!

We @KnoDues pitch forward our app with the tagline “More Friends, Less Dues” simply because we truly value friendships and sincerely strive to never let money related issues to spoil any of them!

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