Time for an APPLE a day! :)

It’s been more than 4 months since KnoDues has been live on the Android platform. The sailing has been good till now. KnoDues has seen some great response from its users. User acceptability is something that we’ve been able to prove over this period of time. KnoDues has already seen 3 updates of the app over this period on Android and we’re sure we’ve made the product even more awesome with the help of the feedback from our users! Many thanks to all our users & well-wishers!

Our Android app saw an update recently on January 14, 2016 and we’ve rolled out some cool features in the update including:
1. You can add expenses without active internet connection. Yeah!
2. You can see all your transactions & balances without an active internet connection. No outage 😉
3. You can see the total expenses & your payments in an event. Its simple!
4. We’ve changed the way you create profile. Let’s make it more social 🙂
5. UI enhancements. Go ahead, update your latest pictures, fellas.
6. We’ve reduced the app size and increased the app processing speed.

And now, for the Big Announcement.
The wait is over for all the Apple fans out there! KnoDues is now available on the iOS platform for Indian users starting Today – January 20, 2016. And here’s the icing on the cake– Most of the latest features and updates that have been rolled out in the latest Android update have already been made available on the iOS platform! We’ve tried our best to make the experience for our Apple users to be smooth & simple as well! Hope you guys love it!

More power to your friendships!


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